Restaurants Guide 
for Wadano District of Hakuba

Bookings are often advised for busy holiday periods unless you have an early dinner. Some samples dished have been listed for you to get an idea of price.


Windy Kobeya

Japanese BBQ, enjoy world-renowned wagyu (Japanese marbled beef) at Kobeya. In addition to their exceptional beef selection, Kobeya also offer a variety of Japanese dishes and a full drink menu. Choose from traditional Japanese floor seating or table seating. Super friendly staff!

   Wagyu Beef  ¥3,950 - ¥ 5,045 (5 course meal) 

   Assorted Sashimi  ¥1,260 

   Nagano Pork / Nagano Chicken ¥1,050

La Neige Higashikan

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Offers delicious French meals, with an extensive wine and cheese selection. Friendly staff will see to your every need.

   Variety of course dinners
   available from   ¥4,500 - ¥13,000

   Lunch course 
   from   ¥1,800 - ¥6,500


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"Sari-Sari" means “variety” in Tagalog. Sari Sari welcomes you with a variety of Asian dishes. Home of the all you can eat crab Sunday – Monday nights. The nasi goreng Indonesian style fried rice is a customer favourite.

   Nasi Goreng   ¥750 

   Fried Squid   ¥500 

   Teriyaki Chicken   ¥800

   Sate   ¥500


Japanese Izakaya located besides The Pub located in a nice log building. Mixed Japanese menu at very reasonable prices. Most meals are priced between 800 -2,000 yen and the service is exceptional.

   Tuna Salad   ¥ 850

   Gyoza   ¥ 350

   Katsu Curry   ¥950


The Pub 

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Hakuba’s only English pub. Treat yourself to a delicious meal with Guinness after skiing. The classic European building has a pool table and darts on the open second floor. Entertainment at ‘the pub’ includes live bands and DJ events. Set in a beautiful English styled building.

   Caesar Salad   ¥ 850

   Chicken Wings   ¥850 

   Fish and Chips   ¥700

   Special Pizza   ¥150

Kanpeki Steak House

Upmarket Japanese steak and fish house. “Kanpeki” means perfection and that's what you will find here. Wagu beef and fresh fish are their specialty and also have a selection of vegetarian dishes available.


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Orthodox French cuisine fully utilizing seasonal ingredients and prepared fresh. A luxurious atmosphere to enjoy a beautiful meal and fine drink.


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Situated in the Mighmount Hotel. Nonna’s offers Japanese and Italian dishes and is priced in the mid-price bracket.

Eclipse Restaurant 

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Located at the Hakuba Luna Hotel. Enjoy a great selection of pizzas, pastas, salads and desserts, Accompanied by good wines, beers, cocktails and coffee. Family friendly with kids menu.

   Pizza’s  ¥900

   Pastas  ¥900

   Salad  ¥800

   Deserts  ¥600

Terry Cedar Lodge 

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Offers tasty Japanese and western style meals with wine, beer and sake in a stylish atmosphere. The menu for course dinner changes daily.

   Mixed Pizza   ¥800

   Grilled Chicken   ¥980

   Pork Sauté   ¥980

   Set Meal for Dinner   ¥2000

   Course Dinner   ¥3,800


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Enjoy Japanese and Western home-style cuisine made with the freshest seasonal ingredients. Hummingbird provides a warm, welcoming environment perfect for spending an evening with friends and family. The menu includes several vegetarian options, as well as a wide selection of sake, shochu and cocktails. Open for Lunch and Dinner. Closed Sundays.

   Tofu Steak with Seasonal Vegetables   ¥ 900

   Spicy Shrimp   ¥800

   Yakiniku   ¥1000

   Pork and Garlic Fried Rice   ¥ 1000

   Sirloin Steak   ¥3500

Shara Japanese Restaurant

The restaurant serves Japanese dishes like sushi, sukiyaki and shabushabu hot pots. The executive chef uses the freshest seafood from local Japan Sea. Choose your favourite Japanese Sake and Shochu spirits from our wide selection of list.


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The Northern European style restaurant is elegant, and the buffet style service is very popular for both Japanese and international guests. Enjoy Nagano's traditional meals and relaxed atmosphere at Linnea Restaurant. During the summer, guests can enjoy having a dinner in the beautifully illuminated garden. Friendly staff will see to your every detail.


Japanese dishes are available here. Under the most peaceful surrounding you can enjoy delicately handled seasonal cuisine.


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Located in the Hotel de L’Aile – Japanese style tapas with fantastic food and atmosphere. Kaiseki is a type of dining where lots of Japanese dishes are brought to you separately. Shabu Shabu is strips of meat, fish and vegetables cooked in hot water at your table. 

Free pick up and drop off provided


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Homemade Japanese

More information coming soon